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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅

Press releases

Record offer for the sector in Dortmund

BOE was supplemented by the BrandEx Festival

Successful strategic further developments

10,900 trade visitors came to BOE in 2019


The offer for the sector in Dortmund was greater than ever before at BOE 2019. Six exhibition halls were occupied this year, the new BrandEx Festival celebrated its exciting premiere on the day before the trade show and the number of exhibitors and visitors increased. 10,900 trade visitors filled the halls. “BOE was marked by important strategic further developments in 2018. It’s nice to see that this future-orientation is obviously honoured by both exhibitors and visitors,” said Sabine Loos, CEO of Westfalenhallen Dortmund GmbH.

With 650 exhibitors at BOE 2019, Sabine Loos could already report a growth of 18 per cent before the start of the trade show. That is a record. However, even more thrilling was the premiere of the International Festival of Brand Experience in Hall 3B. With BrandEx, the initiators, BlachReport, FAMAB, Messe Dortmund GmbH and Studieninstitut für Kommunikation GmbH, have jointly created an exclusive forum for event managers and designers, PR and communication specialists, advertisers, marketeers, scientists, service providers and ‘young talent’ in the exhibition, architecture and live communication sectors. BrandEx consists of a convention with top-class topics and speakers and the presentation of the BrandEx Awards for the best projects of the year in the live marketing and brand architecture segments. Sabine Loos emphasised: “Dortmund has offered the sector something completely new with the BrandEx Festival.”

Jan Kalbfleisch, managing director of FAMAB, summed up: “BrandEx 01 has proven itself to be a new and unique event format that already went down well in its first year. The very good feedback and the numerous suggestions will be taken into account for the strategic development in the following years. The BOE trade show has also successfully taken its next step. More exhibitors, more visitors, content development and thus a higher relevance in Germany and abroad. BrandEx 01 and BOE 2019 establish good foundations for the further development, jointly with all partners”.

New Co-operation
The expanded TECHNOLOGY & SCENOGRAPHY lecture format with the new scenography topic, took place for the first time at BOE 2019 as a result of a co-operation with the new partner, the ‘ESG Einkaufs- und Servicegesellschaft mbH’ purchasing and service company.  ESG also organised a large joint stand for ESG partners. Silke Schulte, managing director of ESG, summed up: “I am very satisfied with this premiere.”
Besides the new edition of the Holland Pavilion, BOE also took a further step into its international future in that Sabine Loos and Maarten Schram, founder of the international LiveCom Alliance, signed a co-operation agreement at the trade show. Maarten Schram said: “We are very proud of having established this partnership and I am confident that it will contribute to an increase in the awareness of live communication among a broader audience".

An especially emotional moment was the farewell to Bea Nöhre, the founder of BOE, who still gave advice and acquisition support to the management of Westfalenhallen Dortmund GmbH during the past years but has now retired completely. Sabine Loos thanked the ‘Mother of BOE’ for her great work and life-time achievement.

‘Good’ Rating for the Trade Show
Besides all the changes and further developments, it goes without saying that there was a special focus on visitor and exhibitor satisfaction again at this year’s BOE and that obviously paid off because the visitor satisfaction at the end of the trade was again above-average. The trade visitors gave the trade show a definite ‘good’ rating within the scope of a survey conducted by an independent exhibition market research institute. Nine out of ten visitors stated that it had been worthwhile for them to come to BOE 2019.

The accompanying programme and the exhibitor offer obviously satisfied the sector. The segments in which the trade visitors showed a great interest were: Event Services, Event Engineering, Catering and Entertainment, Locations, Event Construction, Rental Furniture and Decoration.

Far Travel to BOE
The range of products and services at the BOE trade show was obviously so good that it caused an increase in the visitor attraction power of the trade show. Almost 35 per cent the visitors, and thus substantially more than the previous year, travelled more than 300 kilometres for their trade show visit in 2019. A further 23 per cent travelled a distance between 100 and 300 kilometres. Almost every tenth visitor came from abroad.

Visitors from 14 federal states were guests at the trade show. The foreign guests came from, for example, The Netherlands, Austria, the Russian Federation, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the Czech Republic, the USA, Jordan and Sri Lanka.

High Visitor ‘Quality’
It goes without saying that exhibitors expected a high visitor ‘quality’ again in 2019 and that especially included trade visitors with whom they could bindingly talk about projects and business transactions. Their expectations did not go unfulfilled. Eight out of ten visitors at this year’s BOE are involved in purchasing and procurement decisions of their companies in an advisory, co-deciding or decision-making capacity. More than half of the trade visitors visit BOE but no other trade fair with a comparable topic range.

BOE offers its exhibitors different types of interesting business contacts. The largest visitor groups included event agencies and event organisers in 2019. Other represented groups included sectors like event engineering, hotels and catering, event construction and representatives of public services. A large number of visitors work in the sales, marketing or management area. The events organised by visitors are mainly corporate and public events, conventions and trade shows.
91 per cent of the exhibitors stated that their expectations of BOE had been fulfilled. For a further seven per cent, the expectations were even exceeded. 88 per cent of the exhibitors have already decided to participate in BOE again. Nine out of ten visitors are also already certain that they want to attend BOE again in 2020.

In 2020, the BOE trade show will take place on 15/16 January. The BrandEx Festival will again take place on the day before the trade show, i.e. on 14 January.

BOE INTERNATIONAL 2019 – Partner and Exhibitor Testimonials
Silke Schulte, Managing Director of ESG Einkaufs- und Servicegesellschaft:
“We got very involved in the forum. It is important to address the Scenography topic at BOE. The forum was well-visited and attracted the visitors into the hall. Our suppliers benefit from a strong visitor attraction. The Guided Tours – with many interested listeners – also went well. Not all our buyers came but many of their managing directors were at the BrandEx Festival. They will give reports to their buyers…”

Michael Hosang, Managing Director of Studieninstitut für Kommunikation:
“As co-initiator, we can report an excellent premiere of the BrandEx Festival on the day before the start of BOE INTERNATIONAL. Both the ambitious Convention and workshop formats and the merger of the renowned event awards into the BrandEx Award were well-received by the visitors. As strategic education partner of BOE, we were also responsible for the contents of the CAREER HUB again this year. A successful mix of interaction, panel discussions and lectures ensured that the event area was sometimes jam-packed with visitors. Numerous technical discussions and the publication of a further skilled labour study titled ‘EVENT/EXHIBITION MANAGER JOB PROFILE’, in co-operation with the Chemnitz University of Technology and Westfalenhallen Dortmund, rounded off the positive overall impression. We are very satisfied.”

Ulf-Tassilo Münch, Organiser of the CULINARY STAGE and the Street Food Congress Europe:
“We had an increase in the size of the Culinary Stage from 200 sqm last year to 1600 sqm this year. That says it all. Our guests and visitors are enthusiastic about the event business. Here at BOE, you can get to know business partners in a different context. You could hardly get through the catering area at lunch time, that’s how packed it was. The convention with the Mobile Event Catering topic had a high quality. With a view to the future, I can say: BOE 2020? Definitely!!!“

Sjoerd Weikamp, Chief Editor of NEXTLIVE:
“With 12 speakers, 24 exhibitors and 300 sqm of event area for international meetings, the ‘Holland Pavilion inspired by NEXTLIVE’ was very successful. The first specific business meetings took place as early as before 12:00 on the first trade show day. One exhibitor told us that he obtains about 20 per cent of his annual sales at BOE. The programme of the ‘No Borders’ forum at the Holland Pavilion attracted a large number of visitors. Some corporate visitors even came the long way from the Benelux countries to hear our speakers at BOE. It’s also worth mentioning that the pre-launch of NEXTLIVE went very well. Many persons from the live and experience marketing sectors welcomed a digital platform that bundles the expertise of the sector and makes it available to customers in the trade and industry sectors.”

Detlef Schmitz, Managing Director of De Boer International Tent Rental Service:
“The visitors came to us with specific enquiries. Especially the first trade show day was excellent! Our assessment is positive. Our visitors included representatives from agencies and convention centres but also from medium-sized enterprises – the entire sector range.”

Carsten Hennig, responsible for Communication and PR at fiylo Deutschland:
“We are absolutely delighted by BOE 2019. We could triple the number of exhibitors in our area. Our sub-exhibitors and visitors gave us a very good overall rating for our stand concept and for the supporting programme of the trade show and the overall offer of BOE 2019. We were able to have excellent talks and conduct specific business negotiations with top customers who are willing to make decisions. BOE gives the entire year a push.”

Silke Hüsgen, Sales & Marketing Director at FotoBoden:
“What an impressive start for 2019. My compliments for the innovative concept for BrandEx – refreshingly different. And the combination with the following two days of BOE worked extremely well and produced a coherent sector meeting. With our FOTOBODEN area of slightly more than 1,000 sqm, we were able to give both events visual highlights and wonderfully show how an event concept can be rounded off with a creative floor design. Our effort was also promptly rewarded with good talks on our trade show stand.”

Florian Gehrs from the Corporate Communications Department at Party Rent Bomers:
“BOE is the most important trade show for us because we are a Europe-wide supplier of event equipment and it was also the perfect stage again in 2019 for co-designing live communication, setting new trends and presenting our new products. The attraction of BOE was also increased by the successful premiere of the BrandEx Festival on the day before the trade show and that even further increased the quality of our trade show contacts. Our assessment is therefore very positive.”

Alexander Ostermaier, Managing Director of Neumann&Müller:
“The expectations were overall more than fulfilled. We were particularly curious about how the BrandEx Festival will develop and what effect it will have on the BOE trade show. Both the Festival and the trade show were very good. We were very busy on our stand on the first day, we had more visitors than in the previous years. We also had more visitors on the second day of the trade show compared to previous years and the quality of the talks was better. We will definitely come again.”

Georg W. Broich, Managing Partner at Broich Premium Catering:
“We have exhibited at BOE since its beginning and were very satisfied this year. I see a positive increase in the quality of the trade show and believe that the combination with the BrandEx Festival had a very positive effect. Many customers who never visited BOE before were there on the first day of the trade show this year and that has given the visitor quality a big push. We also found the second day very exciting.”

Dominik Jakob from the sales department for G+B Interactive®:
“Our first impression is that BOE 2019 has definitely been worthwhile for our G+B Interactive® team. We had many good talks, got interesting contacts and the visitor quality was also good. As a sub-exhibitor in the nice ambience of the dfv trade show stand, we felt very comfortable and the direct proximity to the MICE Forum was great. We look forward to coming again next year. “

Maximilian Reisch, Managing Director of RENT4EVENT:
“BOE is one of our most important trade shows of the year. Dortmund is also a ‘home match’ because of our locations in Dusseldorf, Berlin und Cologne. Both trade show days had many visitors. Wednesday was highly fragmented and we obtained many new good contacts. BOE is also always a good opportunity for us to meet our regular customers.”

Jörg Henne, Event Manager at mmc Audio Licht Video:
“Especially the first trade show day went very well. We had a good audience and had high-quality talks. Positive about the trade show was the diversity of the different sectors and that we had many decision-makers who made specific enquiries that can now be followed-up in writing.”

Karl-Hermann Hansen, responsible for Sales – Marketing – Press at Aventem:
“We are completely satisfied with the activities at the trade show and the response of our guests who came to our stand. We could acquire potential customers from the new contacts and are pleased that our new display wall was liked by so many visitors.”

Hermann Fürstenau, Managing Director of Speakers Excellence Deutschland:
 “We provided BOE with presenters and speakers and gained a very positive impression. Many visitors, with whom we had good talks and generated contacts, came to our stand because of the speakers. We will exhibit again next year.”
Basic Information on the Trade Show at a Glance
BOE INTERNATIONAL – International Trade Show for Experience Marketing;
for the first time with the BrandEx Festival

16 and 17 January 2019,
BrandEx: 15 January

Messe Westfalenhallen Dortmund GmbH

Occupied Halls (incl. BrandEx Festival):
3B, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and Convention Centre

Partner Associations:
FAMAB Kommunikationsverband e.V. (Direct Business Communications Association as technical supporting organisation)
ESG Einkaufs- und Servicegesellschaft mbh (Purchasing and Service Association)
VPLT – Der Verband für Medien- und Veranstaltungstechnik e. V.  (Association for Media and Event Technology)
bvvs – Bundesverband Veranstaltungssicherheit (Federal Association of Event Safety and Security)
degefest – Verband der Kongress- und Seminarwirtschaft e. V. (Conference and Seminar Business Association).
EVVC – Europäischer Verband der Veranstaltungszentren (European Association of Event Centres)
LiveCom Alliance

Topic Areas:
Equipment, Architecture, Locations, Technology, Catering, Acts, Services, Career, MICE

650 from 14 countries

Number of Visitors:

Visitor Structure:
Trade visitors from sectors like event organisers / agencies, event services, hotels / catering, scenography, convention centres, exhibition centres, insurance companies / banks, tourism, automotive, pharmacy / medicine, associations / organisations, film / radio / TV

• BrandEx Festival, Hall 3 B (only on 15 January)
• MICE FORUM, Hall 5
• Holland Pavilion, Hall 5
• CULINARY STAGE and Street Food Congress Europe, Hall 6
• CAREER HUB, Hall 7

In the Convention Centre:
• FORUM EVENT, 17 January

Networking Event in the Evening:
• BOE Night in Hall 3B

Online Information on the Trade Show:
Official Hashtag #BOE19

Stand booking