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Press releases

Very Trendy: Superfood and Glass Instead of Plastic

BOE 2019 offers 170 sqm of pure cooking enjoyment with its Culinary Stage



Cooking stage at the Culinary Stage 2018

The Culinary Stage is a special hotspot at BOE International, the trade show for experience marketing, at the Dortmund Exhibition Centre on 16 and 17 January 2019. Visitors can look forward to lots of action. There will be live cooking events, lectures, discussions and various exhibitors will inform about current trends.

The Food and Catering segment is traditionally a main topic at BOE. That will also be the case in 2019. Renowned international head chefs from, for example, Singapore, Bangkok, Manila and Portland/USA, will again demonstrate their cooking skills on the Culinary Stage. As the year’s kick-off event, BOE offers the first opportunity for event caterer customers to obtain information on current trends and new concepts. It is where caterers encounter customers who are looking for a high-quality catering service for their events.

 No Plastic
Hosts who are still offering their guests snacks wrapped in plastic should not be surprised when they are only accepted reluctantly. The increasing awareness of sustainability and environmental protection has developed into a trend. Instead of producing waste, many caterers now offer food in, for example, reusable glass containers. That is not only practical but also looks more appetising.

Healthy Snacks
Another trend that has gained ground in the catering sector is healthy snacks. Vegetarian and vegan meals and so-called superfood rank high on the popularity scale. Chia seeds, matcha powder and goji berries, previously only known by experts, are today much talked about. Hosts who want to feed health-conscious guests, cannot ignore superfood catering.

The Face of the Culinary Stage
The food and catering topics will certainly not only captivate the interest of professional chefs among the BOE visitors. Ulf Tassilo Münch, his team and his guests will make sure of that on the Culinary Stage. Ulf Tassilo Münch is ‘the face’ of the Culinary Stage: He is also “Mister Street Food”. He instigated the Street Food Congress and thus strengthened a trend that transforms the fast food   stall at the street corner into an eventful place of high-quality culinary delights.  Münch’s creed is: “Catering, street food and events go well together”. And “No convenience food”. Even if more than 20,000 guests have to be fed within six hours. 

All information on BOE at www.boe-messe.de.International


Festival of Brand Experience

With the International Festival of Brand Experience (BrandEx), the initiators, BlachReport, FAMAB, Messe Dortmund GmbH and Studieninstitut für Kommunikation, will start a new Forum for Live Communication in Dortmund on 15 January 2019. BrandEx is to become the exclusive Talk and Performance Forum for the entire sector and mobilise event managers and designers, spatial communication specialists, advertisers, marketeers, scientists, service providers and young talents from the exhibition, architecture and live communication sectors – both on a national and international scale – to participate. BrandEx consists of a convention and the awarding of the BrandEx Awards for the best projects of the year in live marketing and brand architecture. The global motto of the BrandEx Festival in 2019 is: “01: The encounter”. This motto, which as a subline complements the title of International Festival of Brand Experience, gives a contextual framework that arouses curiosity, leaves room for interpretation, works on different levels, and defines a clear structure. Its ‘01’ part implies that it is the first encounter with BrandEx and that many more will follow. 


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